Adventure Gifts for Men

If you know a guy who’s outgoing and adventurous then we’ve got some special gift suggestions for you. For this article we decided to compile some adventure gifts for men. These are the types of gifts you would want to give to all those rugged outdoorsmen out there. When we thought of these gift suggestions we wanted to come up with gifts we knew would be fun for those guys who practically live outside. Unfortunately finding gifts like that wasn’t an easy thing to do. However, after much research we think we came up with some great gift ideas. As for our gift suggestions this is what we managed to come up with.

Kayaking: When we were searching for adventure packages one of the first gifts that caught our eye was the kayaking package. One of the basic kayaking packages that we found cost approximately $275. The problem with that estimate is that it doesn’t include airfare, lodging, or even food. However we think we got our point across for this gift suggestion. There is probably nothing on this Earth that will give you more of a rush than kayaking down a river. It’s one of the more adventurous gift ideas that we managed to come up with. Even if it’s expensive.

Learning to Fly: Another great rush for all those adventurous guys out there is flying a helicopter. One of the packages we found cost around $199 and doesn’t include any of the additional expenses that you may face getting on location. This gift is perfect for all those guys out there who have dreamed of taking the controls of a helicopter. The entire time you’re learning you’ll be accompanied by a license professional. Which means that you won’t have to worry about safety as much. Even thought helicopters can be dangerous with a instructor there. Alternatively you could also choose to pilot a plane. We were able to find a few packages for that as well. The price for flying a plane was actually cheaper.

ATV: Even though I’m probably too chicken to do any of the above adventures I have gone out on an ATV before. Which is how I knew that this would be another great adventure package. Some of the packages I found allow you to go riding on the dunes. Which is highly recommended in my personal experience. However it can also be a scary experience for those people out there who scare easily. One of the packages that I found cost around $170. That package include a tour. Of course you could probably find it a lot cheaper if you plan on your own and just rent the ATV’s.

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