7 Ways to Choose the Best Abseiling Package on the Web

Abseiling comes from the German word “abseilen” meaning “to rope down,” it is the process of sliding down a rope under controlled conditions. Known as rappelling in the United States, abseiling has long been used in walking through canyons, rock climbing, caving, and mountaineering to descend slopes or cliffs that are too vertically abrupt to simply hike down. Abseiling is rapidly becoming a very popular sport in its’ own league.

For amateurs and experts, here are 7 items to consider when choosing the best abseiling package on the Web:

• Location, Location, Location

Finding a location for abseiling is a cinch. Where there are rocky mountains’ steep slopes, or anywhere with a deep and abrupt descent, one is sure to find this high adrenalin sport. With a click of a mouse you are sure to find abseiling in majority of the world’s most breathtaking and scenic locations. Abseiling is commonly found in all continents of the world that provide various venues for the sport.

• Going Group or Solo?

As a lone adventurer or a group?

Various locations can offer abseiling group programs, which includes a lot of other extreme sport activities. In abseiling singly, the sport comes with a guide/instructor that will literally channel you through the “ropes”.

• Adventure Packages

Often you will find abseiling packaged with other activities such as kloofing (leaping from cliffs into river pools), hiking and climbing trips, but you can also book to exclusively go abseiling in most areas.

• Skill / Age Requirements:

Addicted to the euphoria of an adrenaline rush, or taking your early steps in the pursuit of fearlessness? Abseiling packages provide venue descriptions on their sites. Significant information such as the depth of the descent, terrain, weather and wind conditions, determine which abseiling adventures are suitable for select age brackets and skill set.

• Bang for Your Buck:

Get your excitement for your money’s worth. Before you envisage the thrill, it pays to do some research and avoid unexpected outlay that will most likely ruin the whole adventure. Most abseiling packages are inclusive of:

– Instructors

– All technical equipment as required (e.g. helmets, ropes, harness)

– Transport to and from the crags, depending on the courses

Abseiling prices range from as low as $95 to as high as $600 depending on the extent. For multiple day packages, accommodation is commonly included, but rarely for meals.

• Itinerary:

It is best to consider this when abseiling as a group. Most locations publish their itinerary on their site. Pick a package that would best cater to everyone’s adrenalin rush requirement.

• Abseiling Risk Management:

Also considered as an extreme sport, and involves a maximum level of risk. Managing these risks would define an unbeaten abseiling experience from an unforgettable abseiling accident. Most abseiling accidents are caused by certain independent factors, but most of them are the result of easily preventable, human error.

When searching for the perfect abseiling package, it pays to check each program for the following:

– Trained and certified instructors

– Get a Beta on the route. If you get the beta on a route, you shouldn’t encounter any nasty surprises.

– A thorough safety course and orientation involving risks due to hazards (e.g. environmental, gravitational, thermal)

– Equipment maintenance

– Research on the accessibility and proximity of the venue to medical facilities.

Whether you go down a cliff, bridge, waterfall or iceberg, pre-plan your abseiling adventure using the helpful suggestions above and get a fill of the rush that you crave for!

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